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The well-being of a child of divorced or unmarried parents often depends on receiving sufficient financial support. Money can be a contentious subject between parents, but it is important to remember that child support is the right of the child.

The family law attorneys at Bowler and Bowler understand how to handle child support discussions. Whether you are the parent who will be paying or receiving the support, you can rely on the firm for experienced representation during child support determination and modification. 

We aim to find positive solutions to even the most difficult problems to ensure children receive the financial support they need. Our clients find that, in most instances, coming to an amicable decision together trumps decisions made by California Courts. The noncustodial parent generally gets to hold on to more income and the custodial parent often has a much better chance of receiving every penny due in full and on time.

Unfortunately, many parents seek peaceful solutions, only to have the other parent take advantage of the situation. Sometimes a parent claims to have received no money or the other parent stops paying. Your Bowler and Bowler attorney helps you put parameters in place to reduce the likelihood of this happening. We also work with parents to pursue unpaid child support.

How Courts Determine Child Support

Commonly Asked Questions

We understand that it’s only natural for parents to have questions about the court system, the process and what to expect. While it is always best to speak directly with your lawyer, we put together some general information to provide you with a good base point.

What sources of income should I include in my income and expenses declaration?

Parents often believe they only need to disclose income from steady employment for child support purposes. However, should the other party or opposing attorney or the California Courts discover additional income, you might face accusations of hiding that income. Here are some of the income streams parents don’t always think to add but really should:

  • Government-funded benefits, such as unemployment and disability benefits
  • Earnings on investments, such as stocks, bonds and even investment properties
  • State lottery winnings and prizes
  • Pensions and other retirement income
  • Income earned from side jobs or gigs
How long does the paying parent owe child support for?

There is a stopping point for child support. Typically, California parents pay child support until the family situation fulfills one or more of the following requirements:

  • The child turns 18 years old and has graduated from high school.
  • The child turns 19 years old.
  • The child becomes legally free by emancipation, marriage or military service.
  • The child dies.

Note that if the family situation meets one or more of these requirements but the paying parent owed child support at the time, that money may still be owed. Adult child support may be ordered if the child is disabled or has a chronic medical condition, and is incapacitated from self-support.

What can I do to keep monthly payments low while ensuring my child gets everything they need?

If you have a variable monthly income, you may worry about your ability to make high payments every month. It may also be the case if you recently took out a high debt load to start a business or you are a self-employed with fluctuating cash flow.

Keeping things amicable and agreeing on a lower payment with the other party can help. California Courts also pay attention to how much time each parent spends with the child. The more hands-on responsibility you take with your child and the more time your child spends with you, the less money you may need to pay.

What agreements can I propose to the other party if I travel a lot?

These situations can prove tricky to navigate, especially if the noncustodial parent has extended or irregular travel requirements. This is common among sales representatives, directors in multinational corporations, airline workers, travel nurses and military personnel.

The better the relationship you maintain with the other party, the more open he or she may be to unconventional arrangements. For instance, if you are free during the summer months, you could offer to take the children for the entire time. You may even travel abroad with the children.

Your lawyer can also help you negotiate to allow your visitation time to accumulate when you are away and allow you to “draw” from that time upon your return. There is no guarantee the other party will accept these or other proposals, but parents find that when they put in the extra work and get creative about parenting arrangements, it tends to pay off. An approach where the child’s interests are considered will make for a solid parenting plan and assist in maximizing time which is an important factor in the child support calculation.


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