High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer In Redlands, California

Having a high net worth has numerous advantages, but it also means that you must take special measures to protect the assets you have accumulated. In a divorce, protecting your share of the marital estate requires an attorney with the experience and reputation to argue for the assets you are entitled to under California law.

Attorney E. Toby Bowler has been protecting the rights of individuals in divorce for 36 years. He is certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization as a family law specialist, and his experience includes divorce for high net worth couples as well as high-profile divorces. He understands the financial aspects of divorce and clients' concerns about privacy. You can rely on the firm to assist you with all of your legal needs during this time, including contesting or defending prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

Special Considerations Of High-Asset Divorce

Complex property division is one step in a high net worth divorce. It is critical that marital assets are accurately valued prior to property division. Mr. Bowler works with the appropriate experts to value assets such as investments, businesses, real estate and other high-value personal property. He will protect your interests by ensuring that you receive your portion of the assets.

In addition to the division of assets, the attorneys will represent you in negotiations or litigation regarding spousal support. Whether you are the party who will be paying or receiving support, it is important for the payments to be fair. When one party in the divorce has more assets or a higher income, the other party will need financial support to become self-sufficient.

In a high net worth divorce, the standard of living during the marriage is often a more highly contested matter in determining spousal support than it is in other divorces. Your lawyer should be prepared to defend your position and obtain an agreement that meets your needs now and in the future.

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