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Spouses and domestic partners in California may be eligible to receive spousal/partner support if the relationship ends. This can be a difficult issue for the parties to agree on. It is made more difficult because the state does not have a formula that calculates final spousal support, leaving the law to each judge's interpretation.

The divorce lawyers at Bowler and Bowler understand the challenges of spousal support determination. They will review your finances and explain how spousal support may apply in your case. Because there is no statutory formula for calculating final spousal support awards, it is important to have an experienced attorney to argue for your rights. E. Toby Bowler is certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization as a family law specialist and has the experience to assist you.

Payments Should Be Fair To Both Parties

Spousal support may be granted on a temporary or permanent basis. Temporary support is paid during the separation, but ends when the divorce is finalized. Permanent or long-term support is paid after the divorce is finalized.

Judges consider numerous factors when calculating spousal support. The income and earning ability of each party are important factors. The length of the marriage or partnership is also important. Under California law, in marriages of less than 10 years, spousal support is generally granted for half the length of marriage. For marriages of more than 10 years, support can be granted indefinitely. However, judges have discretion when deciding this matter. If you will be paying support, your attorney should argue for a support termination date.

In a high net worth divorce, spousal support may be balanced with or eliminated by one party buying out the other. Money, marital assets or a combination may be used to compensate one spouse for his/her share of the marital estate or instead of paying long-term support.

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