Redlands Attorneys Assisting People In Nonmarital Relationships

Unmarried couples face many challenges when they have family law issues to resolve. They do not have the same rights as married couples so they need an experienced lawyer to ensure that they receive protection under the law.

The attorneys at Bowler and Bowler have experience representing unmarried couples and parents in California. Attorney E. Toby Bowler has 36 years of experience and is certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization as a family law specialist. He can assist you with issues such as property rights, support and custody.

Unmarried Couples And Domestic Partners

A couple who does not want to marry can get a registered domestic partnership. If it is a heterosexual couple, at least one of the parties must be over 62 years old. You can get a dissolution of domestic partnership if the relationship ends. This is similar to a divorce because it addresses property division, spousal/partner support and custody according to the terms of the partnership agreement.

Unmarried couples without a registered domestic partnership who have lived together for a significant period of time may still have rights to property and support. Sometimes referred to as Marvin claims, these types of cohabitants can seek support called palimony as well as property rights.

Paternity Determination

Unmarried parents may need to establish paternity to give rights to all of the parties. A paternity action can be filed by the mother or the alleged father. If you have been wrongly named as the father, you can file a paternity suit to disprove paternity.

Unmarried fathers who wish to establish rights to their child must first be legally recognized by the court as the father. A father's rights to child custody and visitation cannot begin until paternity is legally established.

Paternity provides the child with access to child support, health insurance and additional benefits from the father. If the father refuses to pay child support, the mother can file a paternity action to make child support payments a legal obligation of the father.

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