Child Custody & Support Modifications

Well-crafted custody agreements try to anticipate what the child will need in the future. However, the lives of the parents or children can change unexpectedly, making it difficult to follow the custody agreement. It is also not unusual for parents to need modifications to child support orders.

Bowler and Bowler provides knowledgeable custody and child support representation to parents in the Redlands area. You can come to the firm for representation in initial determination or for modification of orders. The attorneys represent parents seeking or contesting modifications.

Custody Modifications

If custodial parents wish to move outside the geographic restrictions in the custody orders, they must first seek permission from the court. The judge must decide whether the child maintaining current relationships with both parents is more important than the potential benefits of moving.

If visitation will allow the child to maintain a relationship with the noncustodial parent, the judge may approve the relocation. The custodial parent's reason for moving is also considered by the judge. Common reasons include relocating for a better job or to be near family.

Modifying Child Support

To modify custody or child support agreements, there must be a substantial change in circumstances such as a job loss, serious illness or injury, or concerns about parental fitness.

You may also want to modify child support if the amount of time you spend with the child changes significantly. Additionally, you may file a motion to modify child support if you believe you are paying too much or receiving too little. However, it is best to discuss the modification with a lawyer before filing a motion. The modification could result in paying more or receiving less. The counsel of an experienced attorney can prevent such an error.

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